ODE Fine Foods Brand Identity

ODE Fine Foods, a new range of premium Greek food products, commissioned Alexandros Gavrilakis to design their entire visual identity system. The name ‘ODE’ refers to a type of lyrical stanza, and the rest of the brand identity takes inspiration from poetry and great works of art.
The logotype was designed in various styles with different letter-spacing in order to reflect the ‘different periods found in poetry or in the measures of a song’.
‘For ODE’s packaging identity, we let poetry inspire us to create a great range of products and to literally treat them like works of art. The ODE Premium range was inspired by the one thing that all art has in common: the frame. The containers were painted with a ‘see through’ window that enhances and defines the product without overpowering it. Just like a great frame made for a great work of art.


Credits: Alexandros Gavrilakis Design

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