Last Crumb by Truffl

Last Crumb is a Luxury Cookie Company offering Michelin-star quality cookies handmade in Los Angeles, packaged as luxury fashion items, and sold nationwide via limited-edition drops online.

Developed by Truffl Branding Agency, Last Crumb’s brand stands for never accepting average in life. It is a delicious sugary challenge of sorts for folks to take life more seriously and themselves less so.

It’s a war cry to individuals to lace up their boots, get their asses out the door and chase down their dreams with reckless abandonment, while never forgetting to make a bit of time, every once in a while, to kick back, smile, and enjoy a damn delicious and wildly handsome cookie.

Some key facts: Last Crumb is solely sold online via limited edition drops. (Think Supreme). Each cookie is made with a proprietary 3-day process and developed over 10 years of research and development. The packaging experience contains countless thoughtful details, including a bespoke magazine, individual matte cookie bags, inserts positioning cookies at a perfect 45-degrees for a reveal moment, and inventive copywriting.


Credits: Truffl

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