Tuffler branding

Canape agency & Daria Stetsenko designed Tuffler branding. Tuffler is a brand of 25 Coffee Roasters company. Tuffler is a simple coffee, understandable, inexpensive, but just as fragrant and of consistent quality. Previously, Tuffler coffee did not have a special identity, the coffee was packed in black packs with simple labels. But the company decided to bring the brand to the retail market. For such complicated task, a brand needs good costumers’ recognition.

The main condition of the new Tuffler identity: the brand should look simpler than 25CR so as not to confuse the consumer and honestly communicate about features. We decided to build a new Tuffler identity based on a combination of basic geometric shapes, simple typography and a minimalistic palette. We replaced black matte packs that looked too luxury for this brand and changed with white ones. This allowed Tuffler packs to coexist organically on the same shelf with 25CR packs, not to distract attention and occupy its niche.


Credits: Canape agency & Daria Stetsenko

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