Sofia loves pizza, and she loves Rome. Sofias is a restaurant and bar, but it is also a love letter to travel, hospitality and the perfect negroni. Located in the heart of Downtown Denver and centering around square-cut Roman style pizza that is crafted with locally sourced ingredients, Sofias is a meal and a holiday for your tastebuds with a cocktail list to match. Wunder Werkz team started with the idea of a young Sofia, traveling through the streets of Rome whilst studying abroad, exploring new cultures and cuisines. They used this story to craft identity and a space that captures the essence of a romantic Italian summer.

Sofia’s wordmark is evocative of a signature — a classic brush script modernized into a mono weight object. Wunder Werkz wanted to have the moment and dynamism of an afternoon in Rome captured typographically, something that was light and in motion, but supported a brand system that is both romantic and contemporary. The sub-head system acted as laurels, wreathing the primary mark and furthering our brand system. Drawing on influences from iconic mid-century spirits posters and vintage luggage tags, they created a collection of affable illustrations and collateral that showcases the offerings of the Sofias menu, and serve as playful easter eggs throughout the space.

Wunder Werkz expanded the Sofia’s system into a digital experience, where they created a custom and modular web framework that is as customer-engaging as it is dreamy. The site was designed with scale in mind, with the ability to adapt as Sofias expands into multiple locations cross-country. The atmosphere of Sofias is warm, inviting, and full of bespoke and playful moments that enhance the feeling of comfort and authenticity. The interior is marked by hand-painted signage, a custom-designed banquette that houses greenery and colorful tile accents that integrates the brand palette into the space and speaks to honest materials seen in traditional trattorias in Rome.


Credits: Wunder Werkz

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