Safe Seasons

After what we all lived in 2020, there appeared tons of projects, mostly about product or packaging design, that are more health aware. Now that governments are allowing international flights and the borders are slightly opening, Specter Design Group asked Poppy Zafeiraki to develop a travel kit after the pandemic. Tighten your seatbelts for flying over Poppy’s work. 

The project, for now, involves a 3D modeling presentation, and its name is Safe Seasons. The proposal was to create a container with all the new travel essentials required to travel safely. The must-haves include masks and hand sanitizer. This new era, after the virus, still requires conscious and protected trips. The designer came up with a minimal aesthetic featuring a clean, all-caps typeface. As it is a CGI project, the scenes following visualize the detailed products of the packaging and create a secure, clean environment presentation with simple geometries.
We cannot believe the realness in the images Poppy managed to pull out. They almost feel like an authentic stack of boxes. We’re amazed by the sensibility and attention to detail, particularly lighting, of her work. 

All in all, we know it’s been a tough year, but we’re still trying to go back to normal in the safest way possible. And we think projects like this one might help us do so correctly and shorten the path. 


Credits: Poppy Zafeiraki

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