Quadri — Cucina d’autore

Quadri — cucina d’autore is a new restaurant in Foggia, south of Italy. The concept comes from the young Chef Danilo Sponsillo, mixing art and food in an elegant and comfortable ambient. In fact, “Quadri” means painting in Italian. The chef welcomes local artists’ painting in the restaurant walls, changing the menù and paintings accordingly, every three months.

When building an industrial atmosphere, black, woody-white colors and materials appear. The same happens with art. They took antique, traditional dishes and made them in a contemporary way. Mixing a classy, lowercase lettering and strong imagery of making/serving fine dining was to go for the identity. Its elegant logotype has many details and fine printing on printed graphics. For example, the business cards and menu have this same fine printing that makes the brand premium and luxurious.
Art should become Quadr’s identity, so they designed a thank you card with a picture of one of the paintings present on the restaurant walls. Clients deeply appreciated this sweet, kind gesture. Plus, it helped propel the brand on Instagram, as customers uploaded a picture of the card to their stories.

Being a “non-luxurious luxurious restaurant”, Carpe diem or catching the moment while preparing the food or just eating is the keyword for the photoshoots used on the website and social media.


Credits: Antonio Morsillo

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