Projekt Praga Visual Identity

Polish designer Alina Rybacka-Gruszczyńska created the visual identity for Warsaw studio, Projekt Praga. The studio has created a diverse body of work since 2010, including cultural, commercial and residential projects, with a particular emphasis on revitalization projects and art space design.

Rybacka-Gruszczyńska was tasked to create a new logo and brand identity that highlights Projekt Praga’s key attributes using a natural colors, simple typography and creativity.

The logotype uses an all-caps geometric type with wide letter spacing, while the simplified logomark uses only the letter ‘P’ and dots.

A clean, simple design is used across the collateral and web design with a three-colour palette of muted earthy tones and modern sans-serif typography. A pattern of sparsely spaced dots adds an element of uniqueness and youthfulness to the aesthetic, as well as adding continuity to the logo design.   


Credits: Alina Rybacka-Gruszczyńska

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