pidan branding

Nod Young designed pidan branding. The brand reconstruction of pidan, one of the fastest growing and most influential local pet product brands in recent years, needs to endow “pets” with a brand-new understanding and definition through design.

In terms of the brand conception of “allowing animals to live more harmoniously with humanity”, the future pidan’s products will be closer to the design intended for people rather than for cats, dogs, fishes and insects. Designers used eight geometric figures, respectively corresponding to eight animal categories in the current product catalogue of pidan. Each type of animal has its own unique shapes and color usage specifications, which, along with the different temperaments emanating from in the details, allow the pidan’s brand to stand out in the complex environment of the pet product market that causes visual fatigue.

The impressive bright and eye-catching new image and clear information enable users to quickly distinguish product types by recognizing graphics and colors. At the same time, the vivid communication of product attitude is more conducive to establish and consolidate emotional relationships.


Credits: Nod Young

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