Moujan Lusso

It’s been a long, long time since we last showcased a skincare branding project so, here we are, doing so. Today we’re featuring Moujan Lusso, a natural skincare brand focused on body oils made from Tahiti botanicals. Their products contain natural ingredients only that smooth, nourish, and regenerate your skin. Moujan Lusso has four clean beauty promises: 100% vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and natural ingredients only. Somebody once said: “God has put in nature everything you need to get healed from any ill.” And the brand believes in that, to communicate their values they asked Alexandra Necula studio to achieve that.

Creatives designed a subtle, delicate, and premium identity system that compliments their brand personality – natural, feminine, luxurious, silky, clean – and celebrates the love for your body, using the rich resources of nature as a fuel for this celebration. For the brand typography, designers were looking for something bold and feminine yet timeless and elegant.
The gold foil stamped typography and mesmeric brand mark designed with a line art style complements the project’s pastel color palette. The studio wanted to reflect nature’s good in their products. Their main item is body oils; they used a droplet shape, characteristic of their iconic product, for the bottle labels and logo design. Also, they’ve made remarkable work with the packaging, both bottles and boxes. We’re delighted by not only their design decisions but by their art direction too. They bring a fresh vibe representing all their natural features and a sophisticated, approachable style 🙂

Alexandra Necula is an independent design studio specializing in brand identities, packaging & web design. Their purpose is to help ethical, sustainable businesses build timeless brand identities and reach their target audience through design that speaks emotion and personality.

Product Photography — Ciprian Kis


Credits: Alexandra Necula

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