Matter Antimicrobial Protection Inbox

Designsake Studio recently launched Matter, an antimicrobial coating that provides product protection by reducing damaging microbes by 99.9%.

As a studio, they’ve witnessed the shifts in attitudes and behaviors in the people and consumers alike for the past 6 months due to COVID-19. People everywhere are stockpiling disinfectant wipes, soap, gloves, and hand sanitizer. New laborious disinfecting routines are carried out on our groceries and delivery boxes are left outside for days.

Unfortunately, these new rituals are yielding more landfill waste and aren’t providing long-term solutions in addressing consumers’ fears about the products they bring into their homes. The designers asked themselves, what if brands could provide protection from high-touch surfaces? And what would this mean for packaging as a communication tool for companies? These questions gave birth to Matter.

How to use it? Apply their antimicrobial coating to your company’s physical materials: shipping boxes, product packaging, marketing collateral, and anything else your customers might come into contact with.

Matter can be either aqueous or solvent-based, making it compatible with all types of materials. Applying it as a coating to your packaging is the easiest and most cost-effective way of providing antimicrobial protection, but the possibilities are truly endless.

Best part, this coating works for the lifetime of the product, is fully recyclable, and is FDA and EPA approved. Be a part of creating a new standard in packaging— one that is safe, sustainable and provides protection for the collective good.


Credits: Designsake Studio

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