Langara Construction

Get your safety gear and prepare for today’s branding design. Yes, we’re talking about helmets, gloves, and safety glasses, also a canceling noise headset. Ready? Vanderbrand studio was in charge of Langara Construction branding design. It is a building practice specializing in design-driven and architecture-led residential construction projects.

Based in Canada, Langara Construction works alongside recognized architects and interior designers to materialize innovative structures that propel the future of city building. Vanderbrand team came up with a new visual identity that establishes the brand as a leading authority in the construction industry.
First things first, the resolutive and super recognizable logo designers created is wow! We’re speechless about their abstraction and high-end detail for its composition. This striking symbol brings a contemporary feel and is super flexible when implemented across brand applications. If you haven’t noticed yet, the logo subtly features both brand initials in an extraordinarily balanced way. A deep forest green tone enhances the monochromatic scheme derived from building materials. Paired with modest typography, this neutral foundation supports every distinct architectural project, now and into the future.

All in all, we’re amazed by Vanderbrand’s work for Langara Construction’s branding and their sensibility to keep it super simple but unique. We recommend keeping the helmet when scrolling to see the images; so your mind isn’t blown away.


Credits: Vanderbrand

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