GreenGlow Identity

How are the first days of 2022 treating you? Back with skincare and makeup products, today we’re showcasing GreenGlow’s branding design by Brada. This brand is a Mexican platform that distributes clean beauty products free from harmful ingredients to health. Let’s dig into this beautiful work!

Brada’s creative team came up with a positive tone and message for the brand. GreenGlow universe revolves around the fact that beauty and consciousness can be together. Consequently, designers were super careful to create a balanced visual identity. They proportionally included glam and aesthetic and health, and sustainability.
With a mostly bicolor color palette plus iconic black and white, GreenGlow’s style reflects the ”70s aesthetic. Also, some of the latest projects featured on Mindsparkle have included many neon accents, and this is no exception. Creatives font choice gives an elegant and contemporary style that matches the brand’s slogan: Where beauty meets consciousness.


Credits: Brada ®

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