FlexBlock by Flothemes

Initially designed for photographers, and gradually becoming a powerful website tool for all types of visual, creative businesses from all around the world, Flothemes has caught our eye with their beautiful, elegant website themes for WordPress, as well as their new designer tool called FlexBlock.

Apart from the visually appealing aesthetic of their templates, the fairly intuitive dashboard with drag & drop functionality, the recently introduced FlexBlock is what really makes Flothemes exciting for web designers – as it removes the “know how to code” or “hire a developer” part from the equation. You start with a strong theme base (their templates do look good), then build up the more unique sections and layouts on top of it, just like designing in Sketch. The best part is that you’re in full control of how it all looks on mobile too. You can hide certain elements, tweak font and element sizes and placement to ensure a smooth and brilliant experience for mobile users.

So far, FlexBlock works only with Flothemes sites. It supports imagery, video (embeds and self hosted), various types of typography treatment and color control, linkage, overlays, saving your blocks to re-use on other pages, etc. The team is currently working on implementing sliders, animations and some conditional logic into the design possibilities, as well as layer grouping, bulk actions, a templates system, and so much more.

Got curious? Us too! Find more information on their website or reach out to them via email to discuss a collaboration. Below are some examples of page sections created with FlexBlock.


Credits: Flothemes

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