EINZ30® Holzwerkhof Identity

From the idea through design to production – everything comes from a single source.
As master carpenter and owner of the EINZ30®, Mathias Scheffel has a distinct sense of the element wood. For this reason, durable and unique items made out of solid wood emerge at his atelier. The decisive factors here are not only the different characteristics of the respective wood, but also the necessary aesthetic sensitivity, the sensibility and many years of experience with the material. The dedication and passion with which Mathias Scheffel makes every single piece of furniture is virtually noticeable and manifests itself in the perfection of his products.
Next to the atelier, there will be a café with an integrated farm shop, which invites you to linger. In addition, there is the possibility of an overnight stay in comfortable guest house rooms with high-quality interior – made of solid wood. This makes the concept of the EINZ30® so unique and makes the visit to the Erlbachtal a peerless experience.



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