Argentina is well-known for its tango, mate, and its meat. Moreover, its friend and family culture and football fandom is something that cannot be torn apart. Today, we’re taking you to the heart of Argentina’s vast territory to showcase a unique visual identity design for COW, a conceptual brand led by La Libertad

COW is a brand from Córdoba that provides a meat delivery service. Unlike traditional butcher shops, COW operates 100% online. Based on the “field to door” modality, Cow brings the quality of its beef cuts to different homes, guaranteeing the traceability and freshness of the meat. The branding work included naming, conceptualization, design, packaging, and typeface design.

For this identity project, the La Libertad team created the custom COW font. A display font was designed to be used in large sizes and exclusively applied to posters, t-shirts, and packs. The font relies on the texture of some cuts of meat, where the large spaces of red color mix with the thin white lines of fat, which at the time of cooking give it a unique flavor. In this way is how the brand’s font becomes one of the most characteristic and powerful elements of the brand.


Credits: La Libertad [TNC]

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