Cheese Me

Cheese Me by Truffl puts the ‘cute’ in charcuterie boards with perfectly packaged boxes that make enjoying gourmet cheeses, meats, and toppings both effortless and entertaining.

The Challenge

Cheese Me, a burgeoning small, female-owned business, faced a challenge: how to scale the personalized charm of made-to-order charcuterie boards without losing their essence. While enjoying a fair amount of charcuterie board tastings Truffl determined the answer lay in innovative packaging that preserved the brand’s commitment to quality while increasing convenience, enjoyment, and fun. This solution allowed Cheese Me to streamline its operations and expand its reach, offering customers an on-demand indulgence that could be delivered within the hour. Or as the agency says, Less Whine. More Cheese.

Brand Identity

Cheese Me’s identity is as appetizing as its cheeses. The logo stylized wordmark accompanied by a whimsical dripping cheese icon in the brands signature octagonal shapeexudes playfulness and accessibility. The brand’s color palette, a vibrant set of reds and yellows, is as bold and inviting as the flavors it encapsulates. Typography is carefully chosen to balance charm with readability, ensuring that each box is not just a container but a part of the experience. Illustrations, custom shapes, and layouts interplay to guide users through the Cheese Me journey, one delightful bite at a time.


Packaging stands at the forefront of the brand’s innovation. Each box is fully plastic-free and made using food-safe cardboard stock. The packaging has been custom-engineered into a signature octagonal shape that quickly becomes as recognizable as the brands graphic language. Cheese Mes packaging comes in three sizes. The ‘Cheese Me,’ ‘Cheese Us,’ and ‘Cheese Everyone’ boxes serve individual, small group, and large gatherings, respectively, each with a unique signature color, size, and set of ingredients ensuring the right fit for every occasion.

Each box invites users to explore a world of cheese, meat, and accouterments with elevated ease. Lids playfully share the contents of their boxes while affixing to the base of each box. Central to the experience, the underside of each lid serves as a visual menu of delicious Perfect Bites that combine the curated ingredients into unique taste combinations. Guests are instructed to follow these guides to create the perfect bite every time.

These lids also serve as plates for on-the-go snacking at picnics or anywhere the moment takes you. A ‘Perfect Bite’ station in the center, contains crackers tucked underneath, which are then placed atop the station to assemble delicious gourmet bites with cheeses, meats, and toppings. Underneath each ingredient, the box includes a playful message such as less board, more cheese creating moments of delight throughout your experience.

Overall, Cheese Me’s brand is a testament to creativity and innovation. Truffl transformed not only the identity of the company, but also its business through a holistic approach executed at the highest level.

Creative Director: Raphael Farasat, Art Directors: Frankie Dineen and Matti Vandersee, Photographer: Audrey Ma, Stylists: Audrey Taylor, Ali Summers, Olivia Croupen, Maya Bookbinder, Packaging Engineering: Think Pack


Credits: Truffl

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