Bscly Sugarcane Box

Bscly  is a tech-enabled DTC brand that is focused on creating stylish & sustainable clothing kits for people who want to stay focused in the morning – perfectly paired outfits that let you get dressed in seconds and look (and feel) good all day. Bscly is what you wear when you’re thinking about everything else.

Box material

Sugarcane—biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly. It’s harvested and regrows, fully, every year, capturing more CO2 from the atmosphere. Because it regenerates, it’s a renewable material that will never run out. Sugarcane also does this really cool thing where it helps bring nutrients back to the soil it’s planted on, even depleted pastureland. It’s a material that goes beyond not doing harm—it actually does some good.

Mailer material

It’s made from corn and 100% home compostable.


Credits: Bscly

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