Broche Tilo Branding

Un Barco designed the branding for Broche Tilo, a brooch/jewel created by Maria Picci. This brooch is inspired by the city of La Plata, the beauty of its proportions and its linden tree. How not to be inspired by this art feast where geometric designs and organic forms coexist in perfect harmony! This brooch is composed of a bronze centerpiece that represents the linden flower and 5 resin discs of different colors to exchange.

You will find a bicolor disc, which, next to the linden flower, will allow you to configure your brooch for the national dates. The study developed identity, packaging and product photographs. It was printed in 5-color screen printing that were carefully selected to achieve a harmonious, versatile and supportive palette with the colors of the homeland.


Credits: Un Barco

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