BookLover The joy of reading. Books can take you anywhere


Thalia is Germany’s largest book retailer and now wants to write its own history with the sub-brand: BookLover.
The collection is an atmospheric companion for enjoying reading with all your senses. The product range stretches from reading candles to reading socks and everything in between. For the maximum joy of reading. The creative minds behind this branding belong to Studio Chapeaux Resonanz Branding.


What do all BookLovers have in common?
The love of books becomes visible in their personal home library. Every BookLover loves and cares for their library at home. It underlines their personality, makes them special, and in short, defines their identity. It is precisely this emotional aspect that they have transferred to the brand’s design system.


An iconic and dynamic design system, as multifaceted as the home library itself. Always different depending on the application and communication goal. But always clearly recognizable as a real: BookLover.


Credits: Studio Chapeaux

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