VIZOU° Reading Sunglasses

Reading glasses are no longer just a functional accessory, they can also be stylish and trendy. VIIZOU° Reading Sunglasses is a brand that understands the importance of combining functionality with fashion. However, a product as unique as this needed an equally unique packaging design. Studio Chapeaux was tasked with developing a design system that not only combines the theme of magnification and power of vision but also turns it into a holistic and dynamically scalable packaging system.

The idea behind the design system was to create a comprehensive graphical identity that evolves according to the dioptric strength, form, and tonality of the respective eyewear model. The packaging design system was meant to be minimalistic yet sleek, with a bold use of typography to denote the product’s strength. The design also features a gradient effect, starting from the base color of the product and fading into a lighter shade, signifying the magnifying effect of the eyewear.

The result was a design system that perfectly embodied the essence of the product, showcasing its functionality, and serving as an excellent representation of the brand. The packaging design system’s holistic and dynamic nature ensures that the brand stays relevant and adaptable to changing trends and customer needs. In conclusion, Studio Chapeaux successfully combined the theme of magnification and power of vision, turning it into a visually appealing and functional packaging system for VIIZOU° Reading Sunglasses.


Credits: Studio Chapeaux

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