Tbsp. Restaurant

In the fall of 2019, W Hotels opened a restaurant in Montreal’s Old Port, the latest in a series of playful, worldwide eateries. Sid Lee christened it Tbsp. in honor of the tablespoon, a universal symbol of culinary precision and mastery, generosity and gourmandize. The name, short and memorable, lends flexibility to the restaurant’s locally sourced and seasonal menu, while the reflectivity of a tablespoon is present in the interior design and visual identity.​​​​​​​

Influenced by the city’s St-Lawrence River and its proximity to the restaurant, Sid Lee Architecture transformed the space into an urban oasis. The agency’s branding team took cues from using bold, rounded shapes and architectural water representations to create a distinct visual concept behind Tbsp. In the same way, water creates mesmerizing patterns as it ripples the cove of a metallic spoon reflects beautiful distortions.​​​​​​​

Capable of transforming a person’s dining experience and day, Tbsp. invites guests into the warmth of fully appreciating a meal, one tablespoon at a time.

Additional credits
Creative Director: Marie-Elaine Benoît
Account Director: Claire Pouly
Account Coordinator: Joelle Laferrière
Art Directors: Mélanie Boucher & Alice Ware
Designer: Cécile Tousignant
Copywriter (naming): Melodie Karama
Interior Designers: Sid Lee Architecture
Photographer (menus): Thanh Pham
Photographer (food & interior design): Patricia Brochu


Credits: SID LEE

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