Sydney Film Festival Identity 2021

Back in 2019, For The People worked alongside the Sydney Film Festival’s team to relaunch their brand. Passionate about films, they all focused on the genuine love of this artistic expression. After a complicated 2020 and some drawbacks this year, SFF is back this November! Designers wanted to express this intense passion through release and gratitude. 

After spending a year at home watching tons of films on our relatively small screen, the concept for the SFF 2021 edition by For The People team was to bring Technicolor back to the widescreen. The joyful imprint after some tough times is worthy as we all will be enjoying this opportunity of gathering together, celebrating films!
This comeback party features a specific and authentic identity, not only visually speaking but for its message. It aims to capture loyal film fans and engage with others who believe it is a snobbish affair. To do so, creatives thought of a full-color campaign inspired by the ’90s aesthetic. Stickers and digital ones plus incredible animation films complete SFF visual identity. 

All this, combined with setting the right tone, was essential to communicate to potential newcomers that the Festival is accessible and welcoming, not pretentious or elitist. Take this branding project as our invitation to travel to the next SFF edition 😉


Credits: For The People

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