Sweet Nothings

Truffl designed the brand identity and packaging for Sweet Nothings, a new line of organic, plant-based spoonable smoothies. Sweet Nothings created its own category of healthy treats that are wholesome enough for breakfast, quick enough for a snack and satisfying enough for dessert.
Sweet Nothings stands for the idea that healthy food can and should taste delicious. Each Sweet Nothings contains fewer than 8 organic, plant-based ingredients and is packaged in 3.5oz single serving cups with a spoon under the lid for on-the-go eating.
Truffl designed Sweet Nothings’ brand to speak to its transparent ingredients and mission of making healthy food delicious and convenient. The agency sought to distinguish the company from the majority of frozen snack products notable for their wild, childish designs.
The visual concept for the brand is based on the name “Sweet Nothings,” a phrase you whisper to a loved one. The logo is a combination of a heart which stands for love, and a messenger bubble to represent a message you’d whisper to a special someone.
In addition to cup packaging, Truffl Branding Agency designed a memorable e-commerce experience, including a highly Instagrammable Variety Kit featuring all of the Sweet Nothings flavors for customers to try.
Truffl also designed and developed a dynamic e-commerce website for Sweet Nothings, that features beautiful lifestyle imagery, delightful animations, and a streamlined purchasing experience.
Truffl’s branding and packaging have helped Sweet Nothings rapidly expand across the country with a booming e-commerce business and placement in thousands of stores.


Credits: Raphael Farasat

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