Soju Packaging Design

Creative Carbon created this project for Soju Packaging Design. 균형 is a brand new Soju proudly made in Gwangju, South Korea.

The favorite drink in Korea, Soju has a clean, neutral taste that makes it a good accompaniment to Korean food. Simplifying, Soju is a clear distilled liquor that is made from rice, but it can be made from barley or wheat as well.

Inspired by the contrast between modern and traditional in South Korean culture, the packaging design presents a dense however flat and minimalist visual.

Soju is ready when it’s ready. With a small operation and respecting the time of each production process of Soju, the product reaches a superior level of quality.

The label is manufactured in an uncoated paper in offset printing, with two different hot stampings and blind emboss.

The bottle was designed in 3D on Foundry MODO 10.2 and rendered in Blender 2.8. Some images were rendered using RebusFarm’s processing infrastructure while other was rendered on a MacBook Pro 2018. Post-production on Adobe Photoshop CC 2018


Credits: Creative Carbon

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