Soft Geo

As you might have witnessed, this week, we shifted our spotlight to experimental 3D projects. Lately, this kind of work got our interest, as we’re amazed by the high-end details appearing so far. Today, we’re showcasing Soft Geo by Five Three Five Design. It consists of a playful exploration of color, volume and form, focusing on tactile textures, soft body surfaces, and a bright color scheme.

Nowadays, there are plenty of tools for creating three-dimensional digital products. Have you ever downloaded one and played with it? Depending on what programs you’re used to working, platforms might have the same tools, but their activation may vary. For instance, there’s not a single path traced when working with these kinds of programs. All of us have a different mental scheme, and seeing others model in 3D might surprise you or make you wonder how they would achieve the same result doing it in such a controversial way.
When staring at the Soft Geo project, it reminds us of something we’d love to squeeze and play, building different constructions. Just like comfy blocks. Also, the use of fuzzy materials, which we know from daily products, is just super real. We’re obsessed with its lighting and digital art direction. 

What do you think? Are you up for 2022 featuring new challenges? 


Credits: Five Three Five Design

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