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Organic shapes, light bouclé fabrics, and modular designs are the sofa trends for fall 2021. And what’s best than an expert such as SOFACOMPANY to enlighten us. It’s indisputable: The centerpiece in every cozy home is the sofa – it is a secure retreat where both me-time and togetherness meet or the home movie night takes place. It serves as a sheltered playground for children and dogs or even turns into the coziest restaurant in the world. 

A brand that dedicates itself to this central piece of furniture with all its passion is SOFACOMPANY. Founded in 2012 in Denmark – the country that stands not only for relaxed style consciousness but also for the hygge feeling par excellence – the handmade furniture pieces guarantee coziness, comfort, and timeless design. The distinctive feature: By removing any middlemen, the brand’s durable design furniture is still available at fair prices. But which sofa is the right one for me? As individual as tastes and personal preferences are, so are the ideas of a dream sofa. Whether a space-saving or expansive sofa? Or a 2-seater or a modular sofa? Colorful or discreet? For each home, the individually perfect sofa looks different. 

To get a better overview, we asked SOFACOMPANY as sofa experts which trends and models we can’t get past in the coming months! Here are four sofa trends for many cozy hours.

1. Organic shapes and curvy round cushions 

Clear, striking, and straight silhouettes defined many living rooms for a long time. Especially in the last year, however, SOFACOMPANY has longed for more coziness and security in our four walls – with the new bulbous, soft, and round upholstered furniture models from now on an easy! After all, their organic design language looks like an inviting, cozy embrace from which you never want to leave.

2. Natural chic with color nuances from beige to brown

For several years now, influencers have been showing how stylish the combination of bright, clear, and soft white, beige or brown tones can be. Whether as wall color, home accessories, or sofa – the timeless colors bring tranquility, naturalness, and harmony into our homes and thus invite us to spend relaxing, restful hours recharging our batteries. SOFACOMPANY picks up on making every sofa look elegant! 

3. Timeless, durable and sustainable design in Japandi style

Japandi style is all the rage right now, and no wonder, as it combines the best of both worlds: Timeless, Scandinavian design and minimalist Japanese vibes. While things are much more pompous elsewhere, both the Japanese and the Scandinavians like it light and natural: light wood, light colors, clean shapes. That’s all it takes.

4. Flexible and modern living

We all face changes all the time, be it private or professional. Mobility and flexibility are part of everyday life. For instance, Modular sofas like DANE offer countless possibilities when it comes to furnishing and is more in demand than ever before. When the kids move out, a module simply moves into the basement. And when we want to change our space, the 3-seater sofa can be transformed into a 2-seater sofa with an armchair in no time at all. More flexibility is not possible!

We don’t know about you, but we have already started measuring. After all, the wet and cold winter always comes faster than you think. And one thing is certain: on the sofa is always good weather!



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