Top 10: Jewelry Branding

Once in a while, we have the feeling that something in our outfit is off. We take a look at Pinterest's outfits section, featuring the latest fashion trends. And that's when we click. Our styling is lacking, and it's time to add a little bit of spice by adding sparkly accessories. On this occasion, we're leveling up and going 100% fancy. Continuing with our Top 10 Series, this week, we showcase Top 10: Jewelry Branding designs.

We've seen these kinds of fancy pieces of jewelry adapted to everyday fashion. However, their packaging design is nothing but ordinary. And to support this, we've carefully curated a selection of the best branding and packaging designs for these brilliant beauties. What's common among all the projects is the dedicated time designers spent to create the world where the shimmering products stand out.
The collection not only includes the tiny, little boxes we all love but a lot of serif typographies with an elegant style. Also, the color palettes are exquisite and worth saving as future inspiration for your future works. Among some great news, we're happy to announce that most of the projects featured in this edition have never been showcased in Mindsparkle Mag before 🙂

We're super excited about every universe made for some small pieces of jewelry. So, this is our invitation for you to scroll down and enjoy our Top 10: Jewelry Branding designs. Let's get some sparkly vibes today!

31.08 2021

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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