Top 10: Disruptive Branding

Today's Top 10 curation is brought to you by Future London Academy: Back to work, we've gathered a compilation of what we believe are trend-setting and disruptive design projects. Brands that are not afraid to think big and bold, bringing in fresh ideas to the design industry. This edition includes a mixture of forward-thinking innovative projects from big, well-established brands, electric transportation start-ups, digital payment companies to identities of great design studios. Presenting Top 10: Disruptive Branding 

Trendspotting & Strategic Foresign by Future London Academy is a practical course for business leaders, innovation professionals, and business owners that shows how you can work with trends and futures strategically. Apart from learning how to spot trends early and ride them, you will also learn how to deal better with uncertainty and safely explore future possibilities and how to know where to invest and what is just a ‘hype’. Plus, you'll learn how to deal better with uncertainty and safely explore future possibilities.

Now take this week's Top 10 Series edition as our invitation to create something amazing out of the blue. Enjoy!

27.07 2021

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