Illustration Series: Branding

Mindsparkle Mag presents: The Illustration Series - Branding.

We collected a series of projects from illustrators around the globe and put them together as a way of showing how illustrations can enhance the creative process and help brands build a much more original identity.

This is our first series from the upcoming new illustration series hosted on Mindsparkle Mag featuring the last illustration trends, including 3D illustrations, UX illustrations, collage, and much more.

From hand drawn to digital, from modern, abstract, shapes to more figurative languages, illustration has always given a special touch to each project, helping build an original and personal brand visual, which can't be found anywhere else. From Mindsparkle Mag, we love to see how illustrators and artists play their role in branding, finding their own particular way to communicate a brand or project's look and feel.

For this series, we thought it would be nice to pick the most varied techniques, to show how versatile illustration can be and how rich is this universe of creation. We realize illustration can be used as a tool in different areas of the project:  in Knowlton Co., illustrations are used to create the packaging; in Gagbot Identity they are used in the app design; and in  Summer Camp by Maria Maldonado we see how digital illustrations are used to build a brand language, showing the most diverse applications on graphic and digital. 

30.07 2020

Tranquilo is a cocteleria & parilleria nuevo latino style in the city of Gothenburg. The client wanted to revamp their illustration language to feel as exuberant & colorful as the latin american culture that inspired the restaurant concept.
La Knowlton Co. is a microbrewery located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. To launch its first line of canned beers, the designers developed a flexible design with distinctive visuals and a uniform graphic grid. Each beer style was also colour coded to make it quick and easy to identify. The wrap-around labels each features a quirky, three-sequence comic story designed to put a smile on everyone’s face.
Neighbour is a hotel that goes against the grain of Macau’s glittering casinos. With brand illustrations that capture everyday moments in the streets of the neighbourhood and touch points that feature local businesses, people and products, guests are given a chance to see the city from a new perspective.
Cafe Marcel is an all-day breakfast spot in Ho Chi Minh City. The designers took a mental road trip from the City of Lights to the countryside for inspiration to design the branding and interior of Café Marcel, a casual all-day French restaurant.
These metallic cans are Maneh Hayrapetyan's most recent personal project. The main goal was to create a design which will stand out in a category saturated with modern aesthetic and eye-catching design.
These are a series of illustrations for craft pride beer. The brief was to design appealing illustrations for craft brewery in Chongqing, China. The beer was specially brewed for local pride day, so images should be colorful and full of happiness.
Mama Lena wanted to share with the rest of the world her amazing sauces. To do so, she needed economic packaging with a homemade character. We selected low cost jars and printed labels with handwritten information and illustrations to reveal the authenticity and the direct relationship of the producer with his product. We also created a spot in the label, where Mama Lena could handwrite the packing date. So every time Mama Lena makes a new sauce, she packs it, puts the label, writes the date and the most delicious homemade sauces are ready to use!
A fun and illustrative personal branding project for Scintilla Studios.

Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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