Illustration Series: Geometric Illustration

For this illustration series, we gathered together projects that have very different effects but one thing in common: geometric shapes. Here, characters, icons and even landscapes are built parting from one same idea but showing endless results. The most amazing thing for us was to show how can shapes be combined, altered with colors or other graphic elements in order to become much more meaningful within an illustration.
This is another of our illustration series hosted on Mindsparkle Mag featuring the latest trends, including 3D illustrations, UX illustrations, collage, and much more.

15.04 2021

We thought it was amazing to see how such different illustration can come from the same basic geometric shapes that we all know. The world where illustration and geometry meets clearly is a place of endlessness opportunities and explorations 🙂 What do you think? Leave us your comment on our social channels!

Credits: curated by Martina Legarreta

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