Schoenbuch Design Interior

Schönbuch is an interior design company celebrated for its innovative way of crafting high-quality, contemporary pieces that are beautifully minimal in design. Schönbuch’s signature pieces, made almost entirely in Bavaria, southern Germany, focus mainly on space-saving designs that embrace simplicity and practicality.

This feature is a continuation of the first series, showcasing a few of Schönbuch’s signature designs, such as the 0680. cushions, the BOWL, the BUREAU writing desk and the Curve.

The classy 0680. and 0681. Cushions, designed by Apartment 8, are available in a variety of fabrics, including the seventies-favourite Cord (by Nya Nordiska), as well as other selected fabrics (by Kvadrat) which come in classy colours and interesting weaves. ‘0680. and 0681. are the perfect match for a range of seats, benches and chests: both work well with ADD ON, BENCH, CABIN, CHEST, COSMO, STRIPES and URBAN, and 0681. also goes well with the NINI stool. The cushions comprise feather-filled inserts and covers with zip fasteners.’

The BOWL, by Silje Nesdal is a beautiful hand-crafted wooden bowl made from natural oiled oak or walnut wood. Available in two different sizes, BOWL is characterised by a unique contrast between its gentle curves and the stringent straight lines of the lid. Its broad edges are angled slightly inwards so that the lid fits securely. The interior accessory can be used in many settings: as a handy vide-poche beside the front door, a decorative jewellery box, or on a desk as a special home for beautiful writing utensils.’

The BUREAU writing desk by Rachel Griffin is a versatile table that is equally functional in design as well as being a timeless classic. ‘To turn it into a dining table – or even just for a quick tidy-up – laptops and office utensils can be stowed quickly and conveniently on the shelf beneath the main desktop. The lower storage compartment is closed on three sides and can also be fitted with two electrical sockets. Standing on a solid wood frame, BUREAU is the ideal workplace in home offices or hotel rooms. Its sleek, rounded forms add a touch of elegant understatement to any interior. Available in a wide range of coloured matt finishes, the design matches that of the MALA bench.’

The Curve, by Felix Stark, is a space-saving coat-rack that combines functionality with understated minimalism. The powder-coated metal frame is attached to the wall by a wire. When not in use, it can be positioned upright against the wall and secured by a magnet, allowing the wire to retract. Available in two widths, the Curve is ideal for both offices and the home, for hanging coats in hallways or clothes in bedrooms and dressing rooms.

More inspiring interior pieces from Schönbuch can be found on their Facebook and Instagram pages.


Credits: Schönbuch

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