San Camilo Special Coffee

Special coffee from the Colombian Cauca coffee region, selled and produced in Cali, Colombia, in the Valle del Cauca region. A product from a family with a coffee tradition that wanted to provide the high quality they had exported for years locally.

For the visual identity, the studio Simón Londoño & Co. based on the tradition of semi-industrialized coffee roasters, on materials such as copper, shades such as matt black, and robust forms such as those of the stamps and parts of the same industrial coffee machines and on English calligraphy to highlight tradition and high quality.

The brand is named after the farm where it was farmed for decades and as the symbol we created this bee, a pollinating agent that, it is said, provides notes and aromas to the fruit by bringing pollen from neighboring crops.


Credits: Simón Londoño & Co.

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