Project Zero

Project Zero is a new kind of non-profit taking on the reality that 98% of the ocean is unprotected. The goal? Accelerate going from 98% to 0%, not by starting new projects but by funding current ones, counting down to zero projects incomplete. R/GA created a new identity, and a badge of honor for activists of all kinds to get behind, by building a percentage sign into the Z of Zero, which signals that this goal is within reach; we just need to tackle it one project at a time, 1% at a time, until we get to zero. The light-blue pale palette and the accents in electric blue make such a powerful design, that it makes you believe everything is possible if you take everyday action.

The client came to R/GA with a vision to take an unconventional approach to ocean conservation and start a movement that made a difference. Their first step was to give it a name that could break through the noise in the nonprofit space and connect in a meaningful way with all our audiences: a nontraditional name for a nontraditional organization. The name not only invites people to join a movement but became the key to the identity system overall. With the idea that the only way to make real change happen was not to add new projects but rather to bolster and complete existing ones until none of the ocean remained unprotected, their name represents a countdown, a rallying cry, and a goal. 
Project Zero x Artists x Designers

The brand is supported by a number of collaborations with leading artists and designers including Ronnie Wood, Tracey Emin, Vivienne Westwood, Ray Winstone, Kate Moss, Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne, Holly St Clair, and others. T-shirts are available and all profits are going to the cause.
R/GA come from all over the world, have a diversity of experience and backgrounds, and practice a variety of disciplines. But we share a perpetual curiosity and a belief that the things we make should be helping to bring about a more human future.


Credits: R/GA

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