Poulette Rotisserie

Today, we’re taking you to gorgeous Australia for lunch, particularly to Poulette, a takeaway and dining restaurant located in New South Wales. As you may have read, yes, the brand inspires by some French features. The creative mind to combine all of its concepts belongs to Ceren Burcu Turkan, who was in charge of its visual identity. 

Poulette is the French word for chicken, and it’s the perfect choice for an exclusive French Chicken Rotisserie. Our tummy is already craving food 🙂 Inspiration for the branding and color palette was the charming beauty of old French restaurant signs and facades, including an iconic feature like colorful vitraux. Poulette features a rhombus pattern in the branding details unifies the packaging.
Ceren created an illustration with a characteristic style when independently used, it perfectly represents the brand without saying a word. However, the designer came up with different logos and name uses to create a complete branding. For instance, the designer created the P icon in badge designs. So, it would work as a sticker for takeaway boxes. 

All in all, we love the medieval yet, super modern aesthetic Ceren Burcu Turkan came up with for Poulette. And their sensitivity to create a color palette that looks and feels fresh with a bold pattern design. 


Credits: Ceren Burcu Turkan

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