Plotter Branding

NOSIGNER, an award-winning Japanese design firm based in Yokahama, designed the branding for PLOTTER notebooks and stationery.

The branding was created in collaboration with Designphil, who has created brands such as ‘Midori’ and ‘Traveler’s Note’. PLOTTER is a planner, an organizer, and a strategizer, reflecting the philosophy of the brand itself – A brand that devises the necessary tools for those who wish to pave their path to the future through creativity, i.e. PLOTTERs. ‘We assist the creator by offering new and innovative ideas. Through Japan’s high quality craftsmanship and well thought out function, we aim to become a “new classic” brand of tools that, while providing an entirely new experience, still give a sense of nostalgia’.

NOSIGNER characterises itself as a studio that identifies challenges in society and brings innovative solutions in return. They say, ‘Just as our name ‘NOSIGNER’ stands for ‘professionals who design intangible things’, we work beyond conventional disciplines for a more holistic design. Through our work, we aim to create social innovation in various fields, including local industries, technology, education, sustainability, cultural exchange and open source design’.


Credits: NOSIGNER - Eisuke Tachikawa, Nakaie Toshiyuki

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