Pink Dot Rebranding

TRUFFL Creative directed the rebrand of Pink Dot, an iconic Los Angeles institution celebrating its 30-year anniversary. The new identity sought to make the brand feel more modern and appealing to millennials while telling the story of the brand’s iconic past. TRUFFL also aimed to create a brand that establishes a connection to the Hollywood Hills and celebrity lifestyle.

The result is a bright, retro identity with illustrations depicting typical scenes of LA along with a custom handwritten blue logo followed by its distinctive ‘pink dot’.

‘In line with this brand story, we developed the tagline, ‘Legendary Delivery’, which contains both a promise that the delivery will be legendary and a reminder of the brand’s history as LA’s first delivery grocery store. We engaged an artist, Grant Young, to develop a custom cartoon backdrop of the Hollywood Hills with Pink Dot as the focal point. We used this imagery across bags, a mural on the brand’s storefront, and other collateral.
We created additional collateral using the brand’s colors and imagery to create the most visually-stunning, Instagrammable Pink Dot experience possible.’


Credits: TRUFFL

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