A daily scenario we’ve all seen or been the protagonist of is carrying our fill or empty boxes. And in large quantities, even worse. How many boxes do you throw away each week? Wouldn’t you feel better if you could give them a second use? We are conscious of their aesthetics. However, Jens Nilsson, a Swedish graphic designer, came up with an innovative concept for mailboxes for Packhelp.

Jens created a series of typographic mailer boxes for Packhelp. They were launch on the market in Sweden, for now. These boxes are an indirect scream for help when carrying many of them :/ A high point about this design is the super varied box sizes they have. Each side of each packaging is a part of the buildup of the word Help. Also, each letter belongs to the same width size.
The typeface used is Fatface by OH no Type. The project features only two very modern colors, and the tones are perfectly combined. We hope you like this design, and next time you pick up your boxes, remember about this gorgeous packaging design. Definitely, we are not getting rid of these ones 🙂

Jens Nilsson is a Stockholm-based, award-winning graphic designer, art director, and great guy with over ten years of industry experience. Former Art director at the notorious design agency Snask and a 2004 Hyper Island alumnus.
She strives to create expressive and ambitious visual concepts within branding, packaging, typography, still life photography, print design, and digital environments for both small and big businesses. She believes that fearless and distinct branding is the most honest way for any company, organization, or product to stand out from its competitors.

Photography – Bild Gates


Credits: Jens Nilsson

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