Olin Origins Inspiration Pack

After spending a lot of time at home during the pandemic, most of us might have missed being outdoors and connected to nature. Also, there’s been a shift in the last years to a more organic and conscious awareness Olin Origins papers, inspired by natural materials such as lava stone, cereal, pebble, chalk, and indigo; which in turn inspired Design & Practice to hand-craft physical sculptures using materials such as stone, glass, and metal, in collaboration with the Rive Roshan team.

Design & Practice’s has brought a fine art touch to the branding of Olin Origins – the brand new range of colored creative papers by Antalis.
The Amsterdam-based creative agency has merged its graphic design and branding expertise with the fine art background of Rive Roshan – an art and design studio founded by the same creative directors. These sculptural pieces were then translated from their 3D forms back into 2D images to bring the craft of print to life across the Olin Origins collection. “Because we have this very experimental approach in our artistic practice, we draw that way of working into our design practice and the work that we do for our clients,” Roshan explains.

The core message of the brand “CREATIVITY + PAPER” reflects the relationship between the brand, the designer, and the printer and informs the direction of the new identity.

To rebrand Olin, the logo has been simplified, removing unnecessary ornaments and focusses on the sharply crafted details of each letter, reflecting the precise nature of the paper. The purity of the circle of the “O” for Olin becomes a tool for discovering the creative possibilities of the Olin Range. The new Olin Design Inspiration Pack celebrates the boundless creative possibilities of the Olin Design range through a set of collectible cards to be discovered and shared. The tactile qualities of the Olin Design range are revealed alongside cutting-edge printing processes which add a haptic experience to the tool and papers. Each of the 11 cards challenges your perception of paper through visually poetic designs executed through exquisite, refined, and tactile print processes.


Credits: Design & Practice

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