Studio Franziska Veh designed NVMEN, a new handbag brand from Berlin. It was her search for the ultimate handbag that led Nicola to become the founder of Nvmen. If you cannot find it, simply create it yourself! In this case: the perfect companion that combines both daytime versatility and evening elegance – big enough to carry all on-the-go essentials.

The Nvmen bag design is timeless with the intention to own a bag you will still love in 10 years. All bags are handmade in the Veneto region of Italy, home of high quality leather craftsmanship for centuries. They combine a unique aesthetic with a clean design as well as a wide range of colors and premium materials. Some bags are using two different colors – neutral on the outside and colorful on the inside.

Nicola askedStudio Franziska Veh to develop a brand identity and visual design for Nvmen. And they did it in a close partnership with her: In a kickoff brand workshop they defined competitors and target group. Together they developed the brand values as well as the brand’s essence and belief. This team-like process laid the base for a brand that comes from the heart of the founder and reflects our standard of state of the art design effectiveness.

To balance the timeless elegance of the bags, the visual identity uses a strong and vibrant pantone tone for the packaging and communication materials. The campaign visuals for the first range of bags was shot by Berlin based photographer Daniel Faró.


Credits: Studio Franziska Veh

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