Nala, positioned by Universal Favourite, is an Australia-based brand making wildly better underwear. Tired of the ongoing, unfulfilling search for the holy trinity of underwear (comfortable, sustainable AND sexy), Nala decided to take things into their own hands. Nala is an Australian-based underwear brand making fun, bold and comfortable products with a sustainability focus, empowering their audience to look, feel and do good. They had the product expertise to create planet-friendly, affordable underwear without the sacrifice of quality. And they knew what they stood for – a mission to break social stigmas around women’s bodies and create an ultra-inclusive lingerie brand that stood for and represented all body types, genders and races.

With this in mind, Universal Favourite created a flexible and vibrant design system that looked as good as their offering felt and championed the diversity and attitudinal tone of the audience they serve.


Credits: Universal Favourite - Branding & Design, Cat Wall - Brand writer

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