Moilee Packaging

La Tortilleria designed Moilee Packaging. Moilee is a Mexican skincare brand imagined and produced by wellness specialist KEF. This unisex product line features high-quality cleansing gels, revitalizing lotions and oils, as well as skin toners. The brand is built on solid environmental and humanitarian values, it’s cruelty free and only uses 100% natural oils and organic ingredients.
The skin is the largest organ in the human body, through it we experience the world around us. Moilee makes products to preserve the skin’s harmony, maintaining its health, moisture and beauty. The designers came up with a name that cleverly describes that balance: a blend of two words that represent skin qualities. The first syllable, Moi, stems from the word moist, and the second, Lee, is a well-known synonym of shelter, refuge.
Inspired by the attributes of the dermis, they conceived different textures depicting molecular views of skin cells, which were then illustrated on the front of each product making it easier to identify. Also, they created a bold sans-serif logo with a noticeable wide-spaced irregular kerning towards the end letters, a metaphor for freedom. And finally, they gave the brand a clean and minimalist monochromatic palette which beautifully highlights the brand’s spirit.


Credits: La Tortilleria

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