Mentessa is changing the game in the distributed workplace landscape with their revolutionary learning-by-connecting platform. However, as their business expanded, they came to the realization that their visual identity wasn’t matching the same level of innovation and excellence as their product. Thus, Fiction embarked on a journey with the Mentessa team to create a new visual identity that would genuinely capture their values, purpose, and unique vision for the Future of Work.

Fiction grounded the concept behind the new identity in the understanding that informal learning takes various forms and shapes, and is a critical aspect of any thriving organization. Mentessa aimed to leverage the power of informal learning to create a more potent sense of identity and purpose that would enhance performance and foster employee connectivity. The multi-layered visual language was constructed around a series of flat shapes that resembled the letter “M,” dynamically representing how informal interactions take place in the workplace. To illustrate how any growing organization is an ever-changing ecosystem, they introduced another layer of simple 3D shapes in motion. The bold yet comforting color palette, authentic people photography, and custom word mark with friendly edges all contributed to creating a compelling and cohesive brand identity.

Mentessa’s dynamic “M” mark and multi-layered visual language have successfully captured the essence of their brand, reflecting their unwavering commitment to fostering a connected environment where employees can learn and grow, no matter where they are. This new identity is a crucial part of Mentessa’s efforts to empower distributed workplaces worldwide. With their innovative learning-by-connecting platform and confident personality, Mentessa is already leading the way to the Future of Work.


Credits: Fiction

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