Manifiesto Branding

Combining tradition and vanguard. Design and craftsmanship. Enhancing art. That’s what La Libertad thought when designing Manifiesto’s visual identity. Making visible the manual work of great artisans around Spain, this project consisted of developing the branding for Manifiesto, a brand that worships decorative objects and the nobility of crafts.

Just like the brand’s central idea, as a studio, the creative team decided to create an identity that combines opposite worlds, or at least distant ones. On one side, everything that relates to a mechanical, exact, linear aspect. On the other side, they deal with organic, hand-crafted, and inexact elements.
This brand is a “pause” in a hyper-industrialized world. It emphasizes the revaluation of craftsmanship, respect for the handmade, and the importance of personal creation. And it seeks to combine this with the demands of today’s world.

With stunning art direction and a warm aesthetic, Manifiesto sparks a powerful message for our fast-paced society. It invites us to think and consider this “auto-pilot” attitude of following trends no matter what. Let’s do some introspection on this topic and take action indeed.



Credits: La Libertad [TNC]

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