Les compotes

Today, we’re showcasing some fun and curious characters illustrated by Ben&jo. In the heart of Strasbourg’s Neudorf district, Les Compotes is a place that lives, moves, where we meet, where we exchange. And where the brand works in a fruity and vitamin atmosphere by offering you flexible office rental solutions to work according to your needs and desires. 

According to 2022 upcoming trends, we can now officially confirm that neon colors are back as an accent in clothes and graphic pieces. During the last weeks of last year, we’ve seen these tones as a recurring feature on branding projects. Les Compotes’ designers strategically use neon for emphasizing the characters and making them come alive. 

Additional credits
Direction Art: Ben&jo
Typography: Benoît Bodhuin
Photography: Sebastien North
Community Management: 360° North


Credits: Benjamin Mira

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