Kinilal Branding & Interior Design

NOSIGNER designed Kinilal Branding & Interior Design. They wanted to revive a deserted museum and create a new industry in the area. Uozu City, Toyama Prefecture. In a small city 2.5 hours from Tokyo, with a population of about 40,000, and an 18-minute walk from the station, the Uozu Buried Forest Museum is quietly built.

They returned to the history of fruit cakes and create a cake brand that expresses the best of fruits. In Uozu, there was a cake shop loved by the area called Lindenbaum. In Toyama prefecture, where Uozu is located, is also famous for fruit cultivation. Therefore, they decided to open a store together at the entrance and create a cafe & cake shop that would attract attention from the metropolitan area. The cake became a hit topic on social media, that made it widely known all over Japan.



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