Wunder Werkz designed Kabin – Scandinavian Sensibilities Meets Multi-Family

Kabin is the new standard for workforce housing in the Mile High City. The four-story, 200 unit complex sits on the fringe of the busting downtown and raises the bar on what a design-forward residential project should be.

Design studio Wunder Werkz worked with the developer and architect from early stages to determine the tone and feel of the project. They built a color study and brand predicated on the natural color palette of Denver’s mountainous backyard, while also incorporating pattern elements pulled from woodgrain and traditional Sami fabric patterns. This brand system was applied both to the collateral and imbued in the project’s interior design, so that at every touchpoint consumers were reminded of calming interactions with nature.

Interior elements, including the buildings type and signage system values clarity and legibility to make navigating the physical structure seamless. Wunder Werkz also utilized a system of light boxes, pattern elements and large-format numbering to create a dynamic and discoverable wayfinding experience.

Beyond this, Wunder Werkz facilitated every piece of collateral needed to successfully launch the building and engage potential tenants: creating a dynamic print package that included a guerilla wheatpasting campaign and designing and building a website that utilized simplistic storytelling and engaging motion elements. The whole system created a sense of peace and ease throughout the building, with simple finishes and design applications leading to a general feeling of peace between the urban and natural worlds.


Credits: Wunder Werkz

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