JUS Juice Up Saigon

JUS • Juice Up Saigon is a raw, cold-pressed juice company based in Saigon and founded in 2015. Juice Up Saigon offers a simple, delicious way to integrate plant-based health into a busy life because they believe that nutritious and delicious juices could be made practical and ready for everybody.

M — N Associates, a design studio based in Ho Chi Minh City, were commisioned to research and design a visual identity system that represents Juice Up Saigon as a unique and sustainable healthy eating brand in Vietnam. Given that cold-pressed juicing is a new concept in Vietnam, the branding would reflect Juice Up Saigon as a pioneering and exciting new player in the healthy eating market.

The juice bottles are shaped in a subtle triangular form, inspired by the concept of the equilateral triangle referred to in yoga, connecting the body, spirit and mind.
M — N opted for a logo design that is clean and simple, using organic curves in order to reflect the brand’s natural quality and use of organic ingredients. In keeping with this natural aesthetic, a simple icon system was designed, depicting fruits and vegetables used in the juices.


Credits: M — N Associates

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