Ium! is a brand of Frigexquis, and has been producing sorbets and ice creams from Gigean, in the Hérault (South of France) since 1995. Elaborated from local products, the brand proposes a small quantity of flavors, experimenting with original blends. In this context, Ium! approached Brand Brothers to rethink the brands graphic identity and the design of its jars.

The Brand Brothers approach consists of powerful, rhythmic, yet fluid lettering with pronounced curves. A dynamic visual cue, with obvious symmetry, which gives rise to a colorful and poetic graphic system, where scoops of ice cream wander through hilly landscapes. A fresh and graphic visual grammar that is available on a single jar, common to all flavors, as well as on a set of print and digital applications. Bon appétit !


Credits: Brand Brothers

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