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In search of insightful answers involved with team building and growth, Two Times Elliott openly shares its emotional-centered perspective and keys to combining group members with varied attributes. Lately, the team deliberately finds ways to create projects that later positively impact the crew dynamics.

When we set out to visit Two Times Elliott's studio in London, we were a little worried we might have trouble finding it - it's tucked away in a pretty hidden location. But as soon as we walked through the door, all of our worries melted away. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of the studio was immediately apparent. The team at Two Times Elliott is incredibly organized and efficient, but also has a tight-knit, family-like vibe that makes it clear that everyone here truly cares about the work they're creating.

As we explored the studio and chatted with the team members, we could see firsthand the passion and creativity that goes into their work. With over 109k followers on Instagram, it's no surprise that they've worked with some big client names, like Lick, PangramPangram, and N26. We were lucky enough to sit down with some of the team members and get a glimpse into what it's like to be creative at this well-renowned studio. They shared with us the challenges and rewards of working in such a dynamic and fast-paced environment and how they balance the creative side with the business side of the industry. It was a real pleasure to spend time with the team at Two Times Elliott and experience their unique and inspiring approach to design.

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24.01 2023


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What's the main thing people should know about Two Times Elliott?

Two Times Elliott is a design practice focused on an honest hybrid between self-expression, boundless exploration, and a drive for progressive commercial work.

Could you describe a day in your life as a designer at Two Times Elliott?

As a studio, we believe in the importance of clear and honest communication and understanding individual studio members' interests. We sit each day to discuss our commercial projects in groups and also take time to chat about the progress and new ideas for our self-initiated works.

The team has a tight-knit, family-like vibe


Two Times Elliott is incredibly organized and efficient


Everyone here truly cares about the work they're creating.

Tell us your story of how you started and how you grew your team. Is there a formula when it comes to finding your mates?

It started with two friends trying to build a studio. Sadly that didn't work out as planned, and James took over the reins early in the studio's life cycle. Building a team with shared principles and individual skills and styles and getting them to work together harmoniously is challenging and incredibly rewarding.

However, it is straightforward to identify when areas of the studio need to be fixed due to the close nature of the team. We encourage open communications to resolve any issues we may have as quickly as possible.

How do you keep yourself motivated as a team and keep the team spirit alive?

We listen, and continually we adapt. We focus on building regular internal workshops that support us to explore and create with deeper purpose and freedom. We have also developed several initiatives internally for continued alignment, learning, and group.

How do you look after your employees? Is having a happy workplace a priority after working from home?

We have a program that contributes financially to each team member's mental and physical well-being each month. We also operate a part-time working-from-home flexible policy and fortnightly half days on a Friday.

What's the secret to getting new clients and maintaining a healthy "workload balance"?

There are no secrets. Hard work and tenacity are contributing factors, as well as a solid and committed team who supports and help each other succeed, overcome work obstacles and improve with each project. We do our best to encourage open communications and a welcoming environment to ensure we are aware of workload balance.

How do you market yourself and your work?

This is a continual and adaptive process. We have always had a wonderful and engaged audience through social and close connections to reputable blogs, books, and education.

What's a project you are most proud of and why?

Our self-initiated project, Furthering. It's a weekly project that each person within the studio contributes toward. The goal is an opportunity for complete freedom of exploration and creativity each week. It's also currently being produced into a quarterly magazine, with the pilot already available to order.

Kinfill - a small preview of their full retail packaging system for Kinfill Homecare.

Could you quote an inspiring phrase that motivated you lately?

We have an initiative called Open Book, which celebrates and showcases the successes and stories of the disabled community. We recently ran our first event, Inclusive Access - a panel talk with a live audience. One of the hosts said "We See You" when addressing the audience.

After more than 10 years in business, any words of wisdom for anyone starting a design studio?

There will be many highs but many more lows. Remain focused on your goals and believe in yourself, and always continue to work on what your practice uniquely offers.

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Thank you for your time and for answering all of our questions. You will find Two Times Elliott online at; they are also active on Instagram.

Credits: Images by Neli Ballestero

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