The much-beloved wedding photographer Reni Török-Bognár joined several international couples in the past few years so to capture their big moments. After completing her projects, she snatched at the chance to look around the visited regions more extensively. She started her journey of exploring hidden European spots and filled several drives with photographs of the splendid landscapes of Slovenia, Hungary, France, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, and Scotland. Inspired by the locations, she collected special ingredients and recipes she brought home and prepared. This is how the hybrid publication called Metszéspontok (Intersections), a mixture of a guidebook and a collection of gastronomical adventures came to life.

The volume is meant to be a visual journey, a source of inspiration, and food for the soul. The captivating atmosphere of the photos makes us slow down and transports us straight to the hills and valleys of lesser-known Europe. 

Matching the content, Anna Bárdy wanted to achieve a natural feel with a raw cover and an open spine with black-threaded stitching being visible. Airy photo compositions are mixed with clear text layouts, vivid and pastel color blocks, and maps of different textures are combined within a strict, still, easily variable system, referring back to the versatility of the content.

Additional credits
Author & photography: Renáta Török-Bognár
Graphic design & art direction: Anna Bárdy
Project photos: Krisztián Lakosi, L²
Original images: Renáta Török-Bognár


Credits: Anna Bárdy

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